Common Dental Procedures


We know: many people have a fear of the dentist. All the sharp tools; the creepy masks; the sounds reminiscent of a torture chamber. Many people dread when they have a dental procedure. Most of this fear comes from not knowing exactly what certain procedures are. We’re here to ease your fears. Below we explain some of the most common dental procedures.

Fillings- A filling is used to repair a tooth that has been damaged due to trauma or a cavity.

Root Canals- A root canal is one of the most painful common dental procedures. It involves removing tissue from inside the tooth and filling it after. A root canal is usually necessary when a tooth experiences decay or disease.

Crowns (Caps)- Crown, also called caps, are restoration pieces for cracked and damaged teeth. Crowns cover the whole tooth and protect it from any trauma or further damage.

Bridges and Implants- Bridges and implants are used to replace missing teeth. There are several types of dental bridges. Bridges are used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. Implants are metal posts or frames positioned into the jawbone.

Extractions- A tooth extraction is another painful dental procedure. A tooth can require extraction for many reasons. Many dentists try to find alternatives to extractions since they are so painful. That’s when bridges, veneers, and fillings come in handy. Most people are required to get an extraction while getting braces. Some teeth may get in the way and prevent the braces process from running on smoothly.

Veneers- Veneers are strong pieces of ceramic resin that bond to the teeth. Veneers are commonly used to replace damaged or stained teeth.

Hopefully, by knowing these common dental procedures, you can mentally prepare the next time you need one. Taking care of your teeth is important so don’t avoid getting the procedure you need. Some of these procedures can be pricey. SO be sure to have a substantial Dental Insurance policy to cover the costs. If you want to protect your mouth and your wallet, contact us now for Dental Insurance. You can get instant results by requesting a free Dental Insurance Quote today!


Common Dental Procedures


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