Dental Hygiene Tips


Procedure of Dental work - Dental InsuranceYour teeth are a very important part of your body. Not only are they aesthetically important; they are also valuable to the structure of your face. Teeth are relatively easy to maintain, but can also easily decay if not taken care of. Certain issues with your teeth may be highly expensive to mend if you don’t have a Dental Insurance policy. We want to help you avoid the expensive costs and save your Dental Insurance for when you really need it. Below, we share with you some helpful dental hygiene tips to keep your smile white and vibrant.

Brush Correctly

This is one of the easiest dental hygiene tips to follow. Believe it or not, there is a specific technique to correctly brushing your teeth. Keep the brush at a 45 degree angle where the bristles are touching your teeth and gums at the same time. Repeat this technique on the inside of your teeth. This is the tried and true process for properly brushing your teeth.


One of the most overlooked hygiene tasks. Flossing is a very important part of dental hygiene. Flossing reaches those small spaces between your teeth that may be missed by your tooth brush bristles. If you don’t floss regularly, the food stuck between your teeth can get rotten and cause decay.

Avoid Tobacco

This is a very important dental hygiene tip. Tobacco is not only bad for your teeth, it is also carcinogenic (causes cancer).  Regular tobacco use can lead yellow teeth, gum disease, and mouth and lung cancer. It’s just best that you avoid tobacco altogether.

Decrease Soda, Coffee, and Alcohol Usage

It is true that many of these beverages do have phosphorous which is great for the health of your mouth. The issue is that many of these liquids have too much phosphorous which can actually be detrimental to your teeth. Acid is soda and coffee can cause wear on your teeth. Coffee can leave a yellow hue on your teeth.

Keep your Brush Clean

Keeping your toothbrush clean doesn’t require special equipment or any kind of covers to keep the brush clean. Actually, the ADA warns that covers can actually help bacteria thrive. To keep your brush clean, rinse it thoroughly after every use and allow it to air dry.

Consume the Proper Vitamins

As with any part of your body, there are certain vitamins that are important to the health of your teeth. Since teeth are technically bones, calcium is very important. You can find calcium in milk, orange juice, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy products. There are also numerous calcium supplements available.  Other vitamins that your teeth need include Vitamin D, copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium.

See the Dentist

You should always visit your dentist at least twice a year. Your dentist has the skill to take a deep look at your teeth and pinpoint in current or future problems that may occur. Dentists will also clean your teeth thoroughly and let you know of any serious procedures you made need. Seeing a dentist can be costly, so be sure to have a good Dental Insurance policy.

Dental hygiene is all about habits. When you routinely put these dental hygiene tips to use, you will have no problem keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Whether you end up having any issues with your teeth; or you just want to visit a dentist for a checkup; you should always have some amount of Dental Insurance. Policies may be costly, but we’re here to help you find the most affordable rates from some of the top carriers. If you want to protect your smile and your wallet request a free Dental Insurance quote and get instant results.

Dental Hygiene Tips


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