Why Dental is Important


Regular dental check-ups are the easiest way to prevent oral diseases and infections. Many serious conditions such as oral cancer and gum disease are easily treated when they are discovered in their earlystages, but these same conditions can lead to serious or life-threatening health problems when left unabated.Dental Chair - Dental Insurance

If you have gone more than a year without a dental check-up, it’s imperative that you have your teeth examined. Dentalins.net offers free dental insurance quotes on all of our dental insurance policies right over the phone. We do the shopping for you to bring you thebest coverage you can afford, and our helpful agents will always have your best interest in mind while they discuss dental insurance premiums, dental insurance policies, and your free Dentalins.net 

Oral Cancer

Cancer of the various parts of the mouth and throat will kill one person every hour of everyday in the United States. This amounts to approximately 40,000 people per year. The mortality-rate of these cancers is not due to their aggression, but instead to the fact that they are frequently discovered late in their development. This is because many people- even individuals who might take great care of the rest of their health, often avoid regular dental cleanings and exams, viewing them as an unpleasant experience.

Early detection of oral cancer is often the only way to avoid the disease. This is especially true since the advent of HPV16, a strain of the herpes virus which can lead to serious oral cancers without producing pain or visible evidence of the disease until it’s very late stages. By the time these cancers can be seen or felt, they have usually progressed into the soft tissues of the throat or lymph nodes. Affordable Dental insurance plans like the ones available through Dentalins.net cover all of the cost of regular check-ups, and can help ensure that your periodontal-portrait doesn’t end up in an Oral cancer photo gallery. The following image may not be for the faint of heart or those neglecting their oral health.

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Gum Disease: avoiding peridontic diseases and surgery 

Gingivitis is a swelling and redness of the gums, which if left un-treated precedes “periodontitis,” more commonly known as gum disease. If you brush your teeth infrequently enough that your gums bleed when you brush, chances are you may be showing symptoms of gingivitis already. Early detection is the easiest way to treat illnesses of the peridontium. Gum disease is a preventable condition of the peridontium that can lead to premature tooth-loss and other more serious complications like stroke and heart disease.

Periopeak.com estimates the average cost of periodontic surgery as ranging from $1,500- $2,200 per dental quadrant (of which we each have four). Considering dental insurance plans from Dentalins.net are affordable and usually cover the entire cost of regular dental check-ups, the healthy choice is obvious.

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Basic Oral Health

Most oral health issues are easily avoided. There are several steps everyone can take to improve their oral health between their regular dental check-ups. On of those is making sure that your dental insurance policy is always up to date, and that the benefits of your affordable insurance policy stack up against it's premium costs. An easy way to accomplish all of these goals is to call us today and receive a free dental insurance quote from one of our helpful agents.

  1. Brush, floss, scrape.

The easiest and most common ways to prevent oral illness are all preventative maintenance, and preventative maintenance keeps any insurance policy premium down. Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day every day. For helpful tips, visit our How To Brush Your Teeth page. Flossing and scraping the soft surface of your mouth (particularly the tongue) do not have to be done every single day, but should be done regularly. This is especially true if you use tobacco, drink coffee or tea, or consume a diet that causes the build up of bacteria: These bacteria can cause halitosis (chronic bad breath) as well as infections and gum disease.

  1. Diet

Another good habit of oral hygiene is eating a diet high in Nutritionally-dense foods. These are foods that contain more nutrition per calorie than processed foods, which are often said to be full of “empty calories.” The more foods you eat that are low in nutritional density (high in calories from fat and sugars) the harder it is to provide your body with all of the nutrition it needs- while avoiding weight-gain. A great and simple diet Is the DASH diet, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

There are several variations of it to suit your particular health needs, and the DASH are recommended by

  • The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (one of the National Institutes of Health, of the US Department of Health and Human Services)
  • The American Heart Association
  • & The Dietary Guidelines for Americans

If you follow this simple dietary guideline it can not only improve your oral health dramatically, it can reduce hypertension and other medical risk factors, and consequently reduce your health insurance premiums.

  1. Regular Check-ups

The third essential stage to maintaining a healthy mouth is to have regular dental examinations and cleanups. Everything from bad breath to oral cancer can be cured with regular visits to the dentist. And if you never want to know the pain of oral surgeries like cavity fillings, tooth removal, or the dreaded root- canal, it’s important to have regular check-ups. 

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Why Dental is Important


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